Who We Are

L & L Insulation is a small, family owned company.  It was started back in 1976 by Leo Schaefbauer and his wife Linda Schaefbauer (That’s our L & L!).  Leo worked hard to turn that small company into a busy corporation that has a reputation of providing quality work and standing behind it!


Leo Schaefbauer, Owner/President, leos.landl@midconetwork.com

Linda Schaefbauer, Owner/Treasurer (Linda will always be one of our Ls even though she passed away 06/16/2020)

Steve Venteicher, Owner/Vice President/General Manager, stevev.landl@midconetwork.com

Beth Weber, Owner/Corporate Secretary/Controller, bethw.landl@midconetwork.com

Sheree Peterson, Office Manager, shereep.landl@midconetwork.com

Kelly VanCleave, Payroll Manager, kellyv.landl@midconetwork.com

Steven Hofer, Estimator/Project Coordinator, stevenh.landl@midconetwork.com

Geoffrey Venteicher, Inventory Management and Control

Romeo – Our trusty watchdog and sometimes estimatorromeo

Mechanical Insulation and Environmental Remediation

L & L Insulation works in a multi-state area to provide quality services in the following areas:

Pipe insulation
Duct Insulation
Asbestos Abatement
Lead Abatement
Mold Remediation
Meth Cleanup

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